Digital technology to support exercise snacking for older adults

Creating digital technology to support exercise snacking for pre-frail older adults in the home setting

Research team
Lyndsay Alexander, Angela Carlin, Anjana Wijekoon, Max Western, Katarzyna Stawarz

Summary of project
Older adults are at increased risk of falls and injury due to age-related declines in physiological functioning. This can impede on an individual's quality of life and independence, and has financial implications at a societal level. Physical activity could improve this functioning, however, there are a number of commonly cited barriers to physical activity in this age group. These include a lack of self-efficacy, time and dislike of ‘traditional’ physical activity, for example, structured exercise in fitness settings or activities that involve specialist skills. “Exercise snacking” - short sporadic functional exercise that requires no equipment – can overcome these barriers to engagement for older adults.

This project will use a co-design approach to explore how we can embed ubiquitous technology in the home to help engage community dwelling pre-frail older adults with innovative “exercise snacking” activities to improve strength and balance.