Katarzyna Stawarz

Katarzyna Stawarz

Senior Research Associate
HCI researcher interested in Digital Health
University of Bristol

My research interests are in the use and non-use of novel technologies to support health and wellbeing. In particular, I’m interested in how mobile devices, distributed systems and smart materials could be used to support healthy habits by taking advantage of user’s environment and without introducing dependency on technology-based solutions.

I am also interested in using technology to support martial arts and physical activities that require full body movements, as a network of small sensors could effectively support self-directed training.

In a broader sense, I'm interested in ethical design, the "dark side" of digital health and unintended consequences, and building inclusive digital health technologies.

Available for:
  • Consultancy,
  • Provide media quotes,
  • Special advisor
  • HCI,
  • wellbeing,
  • behaviour change,
  • habits