Deep Dive Series - Intro

A series of 5 blog posts: debates and discussions from our 2019 Policy Dialogue

GetAMoveOn hosted a Policy Dialogue breakout session at the ukactive National Summit on October 31, 2019, attended by a wide range of delegates with an interest in promoting physical activity – from policy-makers, commissioners and service providers, to physical activity practitioners, clinicians and business leaders. Our aim was to stimulate discussion and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and perspectives on the role of physical activity in helping to prevent ill health, including the particular role that digital technologies can play in getting people moving more. Our GetAMoveOn Fellows and lead investigators from some of the research projects we have funded also presented their research and discussed the practical implications with delegates.

This series of 5 blog posts arises from the debates and discussions we had at the Summit, taking a deeper dive into some of the issues raised and questions posed to our researchers.

Deep Dive #1: What really motivates people to be more active?

Deep Dive #2: Should we really be trying to get everyone to do the recommended amounts of physical activity?

Deep Dive #3: Are technology-enabled physical activity programmes suitable for older people? Surely most older people don’t really use technology?

Deep Dive #4: Should we just give everyone an activity tracker? Would that do the trick?

Deep Dive #5: Aren’t we all addicted to our phones? Shouldn’t we be using technology less, not more?