HCI, Health and the Body

GetAMoveOn Summer School

What it's about

Learning How the Body ACTUALLY Works to Connect with Interactive Design for Health, Wellbeing, Performance.
Organised by prof m.c. schraefel, University of Southampton.

Who it's for

Anyone interested in HCI interactive health design will benefit from this intense look into the body from neurology to kinesiology.

When and where

The Inbodied Interaction summer school - HIC, Health and the Body - is hosted at the University of Southampton, UK.
It runs from Tuesday 6th August to Friday 9th August inclusive.


The school offers:

  1. A four day deep dive with field leading experts into what happens both under the skin (neves, hormones, skin, bone, heart etc) and ON the skin (microbiome, light, air)
  2. Hands on, collaborative design work to apply what you learn
  3. Opportunity to build up research resources and
  4. Become builders/shapers of a new ECS area, inbodied interaction
  5. The school is also International in welcoming participants from around the planet.

So join us this August for a great 4 days.

What you will learn

You will leave with:

  1. A deeper, improved knowledge of how the body works as a set of interconnected complex systems,
  2. Practice in how this knowledge can open up the design/research space for health, wellbeing, performance
  3. An enriched network of international colleagues
  4. Opportunities right away to build, own, claim leadership in a new area of HCI.


There is no registration cost and we will feed you; you only need to get to Southampton and cover your accommodation (the school website recommends a close hotel but of course the options are yours).

Further details

Inbodied Interaction Summer School website

How to apply

Please use this form to apply for a spot.