Symposium 2017 - workshop report

In May 2017 the 1st GAMO Symposium took place with the aim to bring together a range of experts to help to scope and define approaches, and stimulate debate, about the role of current and future technologies in enhancing levels of activity and movement in one of our three target groups: schools, workplaces, and communities of older adults.
Full details of the symposium including the symposium proceedings with abstracts of all the presentations are here.

The symposium closed with a workshop in which delegates explored the research challenges relating to the GetAMoveOn Network+ themes. You can download the full workshop report here.

We've also made a video giving a quick overview and summary of the reseach challenges identified in the workshop.

Contents of the full report:

Section 1- Research Components: Areas and Levels of Research
In this section, we present a model which conceptualises the research challenges identified in the workshop discussions, organising them into a number of ‘areas’ of research and ‘levels’ of intervention, defining the scope of each, and how they relate to each other in terms of an overall ‘research lifecycle’.

Section 2 – Summary of Research Challenges and Goals Identified
In this section, we summarise the discussions which took place in the workshop. They are grouped thematically, according to the research challenges and goals identified by participants, at each level of intervention, and in relation to the overall ‘research lifecycle’.

Section 3 - Outputs of group work: Research Questions Identified, and Ideas for Solutions to Engage People in More Physical Activity
In this section, we present the specific research questions identified during the group activities, the outline concepts which arose from the brainstorming activities to develop ideas for solutions to engage people in physical activity, and some specific research questions that would need to be addressed to develop those concepts further.

Download workshop report