Meet our Fellows

We’re delighted to announce our group of GetAMoveOn Network+ Fellows, in no particular order:

Angela Carlin (Ulster University) – whose main research interests include interventions to promote physical activity in children, and the use of technology within behaviour change interventions. Follow Angela on twitter @AngelaCarlin7

Joe Newbold(UCL) - a researcher in audio interaction and HCI whose work focuses on use auditory and musical displays to support physical activity and well-being. Follow Joe on twitter @joemaybe

Marion Lean(Royal College of Art) - a practice-based PhD candidate in Design Research exploring materialities of data and making design theory. Follow Marion on twitter @maristotle

Anjana Wijekoon (Robert Gordon University) - a second year PhD student in artificial intelligence looking at challenges in Human Activity Recognition with ambulatory activities and physiotherapy exercises. Follow Anjana on twitter @Anjana_Wijekoon

Danny Harrison (Northumbria University) – completing his PhD at UCL and also an RA at Northumbria; he is interested in how people make sense of quantifiable data for health and well-being, particularly around physical activity. Follow Danny on twitter @dbpharrison

Max Western (Univeristy of Bath) – his research interests are in physical activity assessment, motivation and behaviour change, healthy ageing and digital health. Follow Max on twitter @MaxJWestern

Paulina Bondaronek (UCL) – currently working on her PhD looking into the potential of digital technology to increase physical activity in light of the complexity of behaviour change. Follow Paulina on twitter @paulinabond1

Katarzyna Stawarz (Bristol University) – an HCI researcher interested in the use and non-use of novel technologies to support health and wellbeing and the ‘dark side’ of Digital Health. Follow Katarzyna on twitter @falkowata

Cindy Forbes(Hull York Medical School) – researching how to get people more active using wearable tech and computer tailored programmes. Follow Cindy on twitter @cindycforbes

Lyndsay Alexander (Robert Gordon University) - whose main research interest is living well throughout the lifespan with an emphasis on physical activity. Follow Lyndsay on twitter @lynzalexander

How did we select Fellows?

Our Fellows were selected on merit from those who responded to our Call for Applications, which opened on 20th March 2019 and closed on 22nd March 2019. The application process and criteria were as follows (taken from the Call for Applications):

Applicants should be:

  • A PhD student, Post Doc or Early Career Researcher (within 10 years of completing PhD) at a UK university or similar Higher Education Institution (HEI) that is eligible for Research Council funding; please see the EPSRC website for eligibility. If you completed your PhD more than 10 years ago but have taken a career break, you can still apply if the total number of years you have actually worked as a post-doc is less than 10 years.
  • Actively researching in an area aligned to the GetAMoveOn Network+ aims
  • Committed to an academic research career
  • Able to attend the workshops that have already been scheduled (Media Workshop and Impacts Workshop)

We aim to create a diverse and inclusive community of Fellows.

How to apply:

The deadline for applications is Friday 22nd March 2019
Email your application, as a PDF document, to
Your application should consist of:

  • a 2 page letter of application (size 12 font) and
  • a 2 page CV.

The application letter should demonstrate:

  • Your commitment to an academic research career in an area aligned to the GetAMoveOn Network+ aims.
  • Your recent and current research activity in this area.
  • What you think you would get from the Fellowship: how would this benefit your research and your career?
  • What would you bring to the GetAMoveOn Fellowship community: how would you contribute to the community in a way which would benefit other Fellows and advance the broader aims of the GetAMoveOn Network+, including beyond the lifetime of our grant funding?

Assessment process:

Applications will be reviewed by members of the GetAMoveOn Network+ investigator team.
The goal is to identify a set of researchers that will benefit significantly from being part of the community of GetAMoveOn Fellows, and will actively contribute to it and support each other.
It is our intention that as a group, the accepted applicants will reflect a diversity of backgrounds and relevant research interests.
We aim to complete the assessment process by 29th March and get back to successful applicants in w/c 1st April 2019.