ACM Interactions: Special Topic - InBodied Interaction

ACM Interactions Magazine XXVII.2 March - April 2020

The March 2020 issue of the AMC’s Interactions Magazine features a Special Topic: InBodied Interaction edited by GetAMoveOn co-investigator m.c. schraefel.

The collection includes a piece by GetAMoveOn Fellow, Marion Lean, which proposes some designs for live data materialisation, exploring how we can use physical materials to create experiences that help people understand & explore abstract health concepts: InBodied interaction design example: fat tapestry

In her introduction to the Special Topic m.c. schraefel writes:

"In the articles that follow, we will show how inbodied interaction both foregrounds and respects the complexity of the body, and provides lenses through which to access that complexity. In particular, while sports science frames the body as the site of performance, and medicine the site of disease, inbodied interaction frames the body as the site of adaptation. Adaptation is the locus of inbodied interaction design. We show in this Special Topic section that this orientation for inbodied adaptation enables HCI practitioners to leverage our skills and methods to create interventions to support measurable, enduring, inbodied "better-ness," from individual to infrastructure—be it better health, quality of life, play, joy, meaning, access to food, other people, skills development, or other life realms."

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