Call for proposals for small events and other activities (1) - August 2017 - now CLOSED

Funding to run an event or other activities relating to the GetAMoveOn Network+ aims and themes

2nd Funding Call: Proposals for Small Events and Other Activities

Call opens: Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Call closes: Thursday 5th October 2017 at 12.00 midday BST
Funding available: Small grants of up to £2500 (including VAT) for direct costs


We are inviting proposals for activities within the themes of ‘the aim of transforming health through enabling mobility’ which support the network’s aims of collaboration and impact.
Application forms should be submitted by 12.00 midday BST on Thursday 5th October 2017 by email to
Proposals will be reviewed by the GetAMoveOn Network+ management team, and successful applicants will be informed by email in w/c 13th November 2017.

What themes does the GetAMoveOn Network+ cover?

The network is open to all applications addressing any area of the relationship between its core themes of how technology can be used to enable mobility and transform health and wellbeing. You can find more information about our aims and themes on this website. Applicants are encouraged to use the thinkpieces we commissioned as inspiration. You can find published thinkpieces here. Others will be published as soon as the review process is completed. You could also look at the abstracts and papers arising from our first symposium and from our first workshop .

Who should apply?

  • We welcome applications from teams including:
  • Academic researchers (in universities and research institutes)
  • Policymakers (e.g. in government departments like Department of Health, Department of Communities & Local Government)
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Businesses / workplaces
  • Care organisations
  • Think tanks and NGOs and other civil society organisations and institutions
  • Individuals involved in the design and development of relevant technologies i.e. technologies specifically to promote physical activity or technologies which can be applied to that end

We particularly welcome:
Inter-disciplinary proposals: collaborative proposals, involving applicants from more than one research discipline and/or more than one of the sectors outlined above
Proposals from early career researchers (defined as having five years or less research experience post-PhD)

NOTE: All proposals must be led by a UK-based academic from an organisation that is eligible to receive RCUK funding (see

International collaborations are welcome, provided the lead applicant is based in a UK organisation.

Please note, we cannot award money directly to individuals. Grants can only be awarded through the organisation with which the lead applicant is affiliated (e.g. university, research institute etc.).

What type of activity can be funded?

Funding is available for organising a range of activities. Examples include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Meetings to:
    a. work on funding proposals which aim to continue work on the themes of the network;
    b. organise journal special issues, collections, books, or writings aimed at non-academic audiences such as policy or industry briefings;
    c. enable the creation of online resources and communications and accompanying dissemination strategies for those resources;

  2. Online or offline activities or events that seek to attract a broad audience and disseminate information such as a series of seminars and/or webinars;

  3. Other activities or events (other than core research activities) consistent with the aims and themes of the network.

Our purpose is to facilitate networking and collaboration, rather than fund core research costs. We are happy to respond to specific queries about appropriate types of activity under this funding stream. Any events we fund must take place in the UK (or online, but be disseminated by a UK-based institution), and expenses must be spent and claimed by the end of April 2019.

Applicants will need to complete the application form, including an outline of:

• The nature of the activity
• The intended audience/participants
• The various event sessions or other activities involved (theme and high-level content & activities for each session/meeting)
• Intended outputs and outcomes of the activities
• Intended timing for the event/activities (month & year)
• How the event/activities will be promoted
• Total funding applied for with a high-level breakdown of costs e.g. room hire, catering etc.
• How the event will further the aims and objectives of the GetAMoveOn Network+

We would like workshops and similar events to have a strong interactive and participative element, so that participants are actively involved. Feedback from our events to date indicates that those attending particularly valued these kinds of sessions.

What we are not looking to fund

There are a few things that we are specifically not planning to fund through this call:
• core research costs
• activities that are normally the responsibility of government
• fund-raising events
• promotional event such as press conferences
• expenses for workshop delegates
• conferences, honoraria for speakers (but we may fund reasonable travel and subsistence on an actuals basis for speakers who cannot cover their costs by other means. A budget where international travel expenses formed a significant proportion of total costs would need to be clearly justified)
• capital or material costs other than consumables necessary for the delivery of the workshop

What we offer

We are offering small grants of up to £2,500 (including VAT) per proposal. The awards will be made based on actual costs incurred (which will need to be evidenced), up to the maximum stipulated in the award letter which will be issued to successful applicants. We would not expect to fund any additional costs beyond this.
The funding made available is intended to cover the direct costs of organising the event/activities e.g. room hire, catering, travel costs for speakers etc. which will be awarded at 100%. The funding does not cover administrative or other time involved in organising the event/activities.

How to apply

Download the application form, read the guidelines and FAQs (included with the form), and return your completed form by the deadline (Thursday 5th October 12.00 midday BST to . You should complete the form in the Word document and return it in Word format and also as a PDF. Hard copies returned by post will NOT be accepted.

Download Word version application form
Download PDF version application form

When you will hear back from us

We aim to get back to successful applicants in w/c 13 November 2017

Any questions?

Read the FAQs and guidelines included with the application form, then if you have any further questions please contact:
Clare Casson, Communications and Impacts Manager, GetAMoveOn,