Joe Newbold

Joe Newbold

Research Fellow
A Research fellow with the GetaMoveOn network in HCI whose work focuses on use sound and music to support physical activity and well-being.

Joe is a post-doctoral research fellow at UCL for the GetaMoveOn network. Joe's research focuses on how sound and music can be used to support health and wellbeing.

This includes work on how sound feedback can be used to support exercise and physical rehabilitation, to help children learn maths and using voice assistants to support mental health logging.

Currently, with the GetaMoveOn network, Joe is investigating how music can be used in the workplace to support desktop workers. Modern workers spend a great deal of time sitting, which can be harmful to both their physical mental wellbeing. However, at the same time, there is an increasing focus on productivity which means taking breaks can be difficult. Joe's research is looking at how people use music to both aid concentration and lift their mood, and how this may be used to encourage a change in workplace behaviour to support healthy break taking.

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