Q 1.
I am an ECR, more than 10 years on from my PhD, but I have had a career break and my total years actually working as a researcher add up to less than 10 years post-doc. Can I apply?
A 1.

Q 2.
There is no date set for the writing retreat/sandpit. Can you give an indication of when it will be?
A 2.
Not yet – sorry. We’ll let you know as soon as we can.

Q 3.
Will the writing retreat/sandpit be fully funded or will participants have to pay for travel, subsistence and/or accommodation?
A 3.
We’re aiming to fully-fund the writing retreat.

Q 4.
Is this a) a fellowship that provides funding for an individual for a specific amount of time in order to perform research and personal development or is it b) more a kind of membership that you call fellowship and gives access to the mentioned workshops and retreat etc.?
A 4.
It’s b) - more like a membership.

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