Daniel Harrison

Daniel Harrison

Senior Research Associate
Human-Computer Interaction researcher interested in empowering people through digital health technologies
Northumbria University/ UCL

My research focuses on the real-world use of data-driven technologies to encourage healthy behaviours and is built on strong industry and academic collaborations.

I have recently submitted my PhD thesis at UCL, which is entitled "The Self-Tracker's Journey: situated engagement and non-engagement with personal informatics systems over time". This work focused on the long-term lived experience of using technologies to track and encourage physical activity in healthy adults.

I am currently working as a Senior Research Associate in the Design School at Northumbria University, where I am focusing on solutions to the problem of fatigue in healthcare professionals. I have previously worked in the same institute on a project focused on the wellbeing of postgraduate students, and before that working on various health-related projects at Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

Available for:
  • Radio/podcast interviews,
  • Provide media quotes,
  • Special advisor,
  • Consultancy,
  • TV interviews
  • HCI,
  • Physical Activity,
  • Activity Tracking,
  • Personal Informatics,
  • Quantified Self,
  • health,
  • Wellbeing,
  • Wellness