What does health feel like? Exploring sensory feedback from wearables

Public event 20th to 23rd Sept 2018

Title: What does health feel like? Exploring sensory feedback from wearables
Date: 20th to 23rd September 2018
Venue: Hockney Gallery, Jay Mews, London SW7 2EP
Organiser: Marion Lean
Further info: marion.lean@network.rca.ac.uk

A public, interactive exhibition as part of Design Research Evolution which is being held during London Design Festival. Visitors will be able to explore the ways that we can, do and could interpret health data from wearable devices, not just in terms of numbers like step-count and heart rate, but through alternative forms of sensory output – things that we can feel, hear, touch and see.

The exhibition will showcase some of the outputs from Marion’s research workshop, Stretch Orchestra, held in August 2018, as well as providing an insight into the role of human centred design and the use of innovative materials in health and wellbeing research.

Visitors will be able try out a variety of sensor systems and discover how design, new materials and emerging technologies are being used to monitor and improve health, by helping us to tackle our sedentary lifestyles and move more. They will have the opportunity to explore how their own data can be translated into a variety of sensory formats, creating a live exhibition, and to express their views on how they might like to feel, hear, play and interact with their physical activity data in ways that would be meaningful to them.

Further info: marion.lean@network.rca.ac.uk