Summer School 2019

Why Move? A summer school tour inside the body to inform design and interventions to support movement

Why Move? A summer school tour inside the body to inform design and interventions to support movement

The school will be hosted by m.c. schraefel, Professor of Computer Science and Human Performance at Southampton University, and leader of the Wellth Lab, which considers the design of interactive technology to support health for performance, not just the prevention of illness.

Who is it for?

It is aimed at all those interested in design and interventions to support movement.

When and where?

Summer 2019 at the University of Southampton, UK - dates t.b.c.

What will I learn?

We will be learning with domain experts about how movement interacts with sleep, cognitive performance, nutrition, social interaction and even with the bacteria around us (and in us), and how these properties help or hinder us being us.
We will consider alternate paradigms to the more familiar behaviour change or just-in-time approaches, as the basis for design and interventions to support movement, or example:

  • A performance approach focusing on people’s aspirations in relation to physical, cognitive and social activities, not just disease prevention.
  • in5: the inbodied 5 MEECS Move Eat Engage Cogitate and Sleep are all interrelated, so we can start with any one of them to affect any of the others.
  • Macro, messo and micro cycles: how varying our physical activity and training across different time periods enables our bodies to adapt, and how we can design tools to support those adaptations.
  • Tracking data minimisation: how we might find the minimal data that we need to track to enable performance aspirations.
  • Tuning: an approach that complements conventional behaviour change by starting with what we are already doing (for instance, the in5) and considers how much we need to change to improve our performance and achieve our aspirations.
  • We will also consider a Grand Challenge: how do we not only help an individual, but support changing community structures to make it easier for all to access better ‘tuning’ to help them to realise aspirations that impact their wellbeing?

What will I take away?

  • The structure of the school is ‘Learn and Apply’: after each knowledge session, we will work on design challenges related to movement and the area we have just explored.
  • Participants in the school will leave with a deeper understanding of our inbodied selves - without having to take a degree in physiology. Or neurology. Or kinesiology.
  • You will also have the opportunity to network with internationally leading experts in these areas of physiology, neurology, sleep science, sports science and related towards new collaborations.

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